Keep Your Plumbing Working Correctly

Keep Your Plumbing Working Correctly

Choose us for plumbing repairs in Hampden, Brewer & Bangor, ME

If your water pressure is low or your pipes are leaking, it's time to get plumbing repairs. Even minor problems can lead to major water damage, so reach out to a professional ASAP. Rely on Carvell Plumbing & Heating LLC for plumbing repair services in Hampden, Brewer & Bangor, ME. We can diagnose the cause of your plumbing issue and let you know what repair you need.

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Let an expert install new fixtures

When you're building a property or remodeling a bathroom, don't overlook your plumbing fixtures. Pick us for your new construction, kitchen and bath remodels. Trust us to add fixtures like:

  • New Construction
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Remodels

We've installed a wide range of plumbing fixtures throughout the Brewer, Maine area. Call us today at 207-939-7403 to make your plumbing remodel go smoothly.